LASIK is an outpatient procedure performed at the laser center.  Only numbing drops are used for anesthesia.  After the eye is prepared for surgery, the eyelids and eye are held steady.  A microsurgical instrument called a microkeratome moves across the cornea to produce a thin tissue flap--the LASIK flap.  At this point, the excimer laser, programmed by your doctor, will correct your vision by reshaping the cornea. Finally, the LASIK flap is repositioned to heal naturally.
  • Improved vision can usually be achieved within 24 hours
  • Most people do not feel any pain during LASIK surgery
  • LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness,  and astigmatism
  • Both eyes can be treated on the same day
  • Patients are quickly able to use their eyes normally after LASIK

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