The surgery consists of removing the cloudy natural lens (the cataract) from the eye.  In most cases, the cloudy lens will be replaced with a clear plastic lens which is called a lens implant or an intraocular implant (IOL).

1. In order to reach the lens, a small opening is made in the cornea (the clear outer coard of the eye).  An instrument is put through this opening.

Cataract Incision Sizes

2. The front part of the capsule, the thin, clear cover of the lens  is removed first.  Then, the lens itself is removed.

Removing the Cataract

3. The intraocular lens implant is then put into the eye to replace the patient's own lens.  In some cases, the lens implant is folded during placement into the eye.  It then unfolds and is properly positioned.  The lens implant may be placed in front of or behind the iris (the colored part of the eye).

        Folded IOL

IOL Positioning

4. After surgery, a patch may be placed over the eye and the patient is asked to rest in a recovery room.  Before the patient goes home, the doctor will prescribe any necessary medicines and discuss any special care that must be taken after cataract surgery.

     Finished IOL

After Surgery


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