After cataract surgery, your eye may be somewhat red or irritated and may have a slight discharge for a short time.  This is normal.  Pain is not normal and should be reported immediately to your doctor.  Blurred vision is also common right after surgery.  As your eye heals, vision improves gradually.  When the eye has healed satisfactorily, your doctor will prescribe new glasses.  Although your new lens implant corrects much of the vision, reading glasses or bifocals are usually needed to obtain the best possible vision after surgery.  These are usually prescribed within one month after surgery.

Regular visits to your doctor are very important after cataract surgery,  Your doctor will be looking for signs of infection or other problems,  If you should notice a sudden change in your vision or severe eye pain, notify your doctor immediately and do not wait for your next scheduled appointment.

Your doctor will prescribe eye drops and will probably recommend that a protective shield be taped over the eye when you sleep to avoid accidental injury.

The doctor may recommend some safety precautions after surgery to help prevent problems.  Many patients find that wearing sunglasses after surgery is more comfortable.  Is is very important to avoid rubbing the eye after surgery so that the eye can heal without injury.

You can bathe and shower normally, but you should avoid getting soapy water in your eye,  And finally, for a short time after surgery, you should not lift heavy objects.  Your doctor will advise you when these safety precautions are no longer necessary.

If you have any additional questions, please call us, or refer to your post-operative instruction sheet.

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